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Theorical beam coverage - taajuutta: Thor 6  K1 Nordic

Tarkennettu vastaanottoraportti tästä keilasta:

2016-01-05 16:51:31aranycsapat (39N-8.4E,110cm) Con Toroidale (centro 13E) nessun segnale col BEAM nordico. With torodial T90 (center 13E) no signal from k1 nordic BEAM

2015-01-23 17:40:36pdjc (42N-9.1W,150cm) ? Is possible to get Thor 5 and 6 Nordic beams in the North of Portugal (Oporto) Thx

2014-04-26 22:04:02NorraBisen (60N-15.9E,78cm) Strong signal with 78cm dish.

2013-11-17 13:54:44Paski (43.5N-15.1E,105cm) No signal from Sibenik in Croatia with Gibertini 105 and 4 satellites (13, 16, 19.2, and 0.8w).

2013-11-03 21:50:42spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) good signal in milan

2012-06-19 09:21:50parix (41.7N-0.8W,120cm) Freom Zaragoza(Spain) not receiving K1 Nordic beam with a 100 cm, 0.2 lnb and skystar 2 hd-usb.

2012-06-16 20:51:13satasıgı (38.2N-28.4E,150cm) today i try to give signals and i succeed with my 150 cm parabol dish and invacom snh-031 lnb...11216 11247 11372 11403 ara good signals...

2011-12-14 07:36:00satasıgı (38.2N-28.4E,150cm) i can not any signals of all signals about nordic beams..:(i suppose we need 2.4 mt dish in minimum..i am in manisa...manisa nears izmir....

2011-05-05 15:26:36Jotne (62.3N-6.2E,90cm) ca 75% på VU+Duo (13E in center on Torodial 90) corrected

2011-05-05 15:25:06Jotne (62.3N-6.2E,90cm) ca 95% på VU+Duo (13E in center on Torodial 90)

2011-04-14 10:00:53GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Fantastic signal, also from 78cm.

2010-11-19 18:02:52marghera62 (44.8N-13.3E,100cm) da Marghera-Venezia con parabola da 100 Humax 0,2 ricevitore e abbonamento canal digital si riceve ma debole solo Tv Norge

2010-09-04 14:31:01athensat (-,180cm) ? deepbluesky as i have told you in avclub forum the coverage of Athens demands dish between 3.70 and 4.50m.I think that 3.70m is enough as a minimum limit.

2010-09-03 19:41:04deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? So, with 3.90m you've got full reception of Thor 5/6 ? If this is the case, they are much easier to get than Astra 2D.

2010-09-03 19:03:57athensat (-,180cm) ? In Athens fool reception of THOR 6 with 3.90m dish Tecatel 70% signal in dreambox800.

2010-04-15 05:52:37nordligvind (43.6N-26E,85cm) Les répéteurs de faisceau T1 sont pas disponible en Rousse, Bulgarie.

2010-04-15 05:47:29nordligvind (43.6N-26E,85cm) Les répéteurs de polarisation verticale sont disponibles avec un Triax TD78. Aucun signal sur les répéteurs de polarisation horizontale.

2010-03-27 20:57:13keijo (49.5N-18.2E,88cm) 70% signal here

2010-03-27 09:58:24Alireza (42.7N-27.6E,100cm) ? can i see thor 6 in iran?thanks for your help

2010-03-11 18:41:19asparagus (43.7N-26.3E,190cm) No signal here

2010-02-17 17:31:26nevensky (45.6N-15.4E,105cm) Gibertini 105

2010-02-17 17:31:14nevensky (45.6N-15.4E,105cm) No signal here

2010-02-08 17:45:23hawklord (50N-5.3W,110cm) no signal with Dreambox and 1.1 Triax, 0.1db LNB

2010-01-07 05:31:58iandoh (52.1N-3.9W,90cm) Great signal here

2009-12-14 16:48:36athensat (-,180cm) ? correction for the transporder 10841h 24500 FEC 7/8 no signal in my 180cm cnannel master dish

2009-12-14 16:36:07athensat (-,180cm) ? first report from Athens,for thor6 k1 beam in 10810h 24500 FEC7/8 is no signal at all.

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